History of KFUPM Physics

  • The Physics Department was established as an integral part of KFUPM since its establishment as a university in 1975.
  • Its main purpose has been to provide scientists and engineers with the necessary scientific and analytical skills to understand the laws governing nature, and further apply these skills in their careers.
  • In addition, the Department has graduated hundreds of physicists over the past five decades.
  • The department has been granting bachelor’s degrees in physics since its inception. The bachelor’s degrees granted by the department include physics, electrical engineering and physics, and double-major students.
  • Since 1985, the department has been granting master’s degrees in physics. More recently, since 2016, the department has been granting Ph.D. degrees in physics.
  • Traditionally, the department has been offering graduate degrees to male students. Commencing in 2022, the department has started accepting female students pursuing their graduate studies in physics both at the MS and Ph.D. levels.